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  Q : What is alarm monitoring and how does it work?
  A : Monitoring is a service provided by a facility called a “Central Station” that is staffed 24/7 by people specifically watching for alarms sent from the controller in your home or business. Most commonly the controller or “alarm panel” has used your home phone line to transmit signals to the Central Station but many other options have become available including cellular transmitters and even broadband internet transmitters.
  Q : Is your Central Monitoring done out of state?
  A : No. Our Central Monitoring Station is based in Central Texas. However, for our out of area customers we provide a toll free number for controllers utilizing dial in communication.
  Q : What is RoHS?
  A : RoHS compliance is achieved by eliminating identified environmentally unfriendly compounds from the manufacturing process.
  Q : Do you require term contracts and do they automatically renew?
  A : No. If you own your alarm system (it was existing, or you Purchased it from us) then no term contract is needed to start monitoring. A new monitoring customer is presented with an agreement of expectations but may cancel service at any time (we do ask for 30days notice).
If however, a customer opts for a maintained or “leased” system, there would be a minimum period of service agreed upon. At the end of that period, service would continue on a monthly basis and the customer may cancel at any time.
  Q : What areas do you service?
  A : We are based throughout central Texas and service customers within the entire state, as well as some areas in adjoining states.